Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Say, Bloody Hell.

I've tried to avoid posting videos of my guitar playing, because I'm so abysmal at it. I thought this was pretty funny though, so what the hell.

This is me trying to play the intro to All That Remains' Chiron. When I get to the high G#, I hit one of the most perfect pinch harmonics I've ever played, completely accidentally. The shock of it made me mess up the rest of the intro. Dammit. Also, yes, I know it's synchronized poorly. It's Blogger's fault.

And this is the same intro, without the sucking. This one isn't funny, I'm just putting it here because I was trying to show my friend, but the video is too big to email.

In other guitar news, I now see why my friend (not the one mentioned above) complained when I tried to do pickslides on his guitar, as I just tore the shit out of my pick.

Anyway, now that I've done this, I'll probably ignore the blog for another few weeks or so. À Bientôt!


Apparently it's not Blogger's fault. I tried uploading the video to Youtube and embedding from there, but had the same problem. I'll mess around with my video settings some time when I don't have so much homework.

Also, here's the (also poorly synchronized) music video for the above song, so you can hear how much better ATR is at it.