Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Am I? What's That Noise? Hello?

So the funniest thing happened to me. I've actually spent the last year or so captive on a spacecraft that's been hovering somewhere between here and Jupiter.

No, I'm lying, I just got bored of my blog and eventually forgot about it when I removed the Blogger shortcut from my toolbar. I only just noticed that I had left a link here on my Steam profile, and decided to take a look. Of course, having done so, my immediate impulse was to delete everything, but I didn't, because that seems dishonest or something.

Long story short, I'm in college now, and life is in all quantifiable ways exactly the same as it was before, except that I now spend even more time alone in my room playing guitar. I figured I would post something here because the alternative is going to sleep which, as good an idea as it is, I don't quite feel ready for yet.

Putting aside how much of a massive tool I sound like in all of my past posts, and how many terrible music videos I posted, (Seriously? Disturbed? What the fuck?) I really did enjoy having the opportunity to write something non-graded every once in a while, without making a huge project out of it, so I may well start posting again if I can think of anything interesting to say. Or really just anything at all, it needn't be interesting. I suppose I could just scribble notes to myself like the sociopath I am, but it's somehow more fun having an imaginary audience to talk to. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should point out that I will probably not stop acting like a massive tool, because really that's the fun of Internet personae. There's also something here to be said about self-deprecating humor, because then even if I'm not funny, I can at least claim that I'm honest.

As far as the future goes, I may very well jump on the band wagon and churn out a review for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, once I finish it. On the other hand, I don't know what I could say that hasn't already been said about it before. On a third hand, that hasn't ever stopped me before. I'm also probably going to buy Fallout: New Vegas once it arrives, but if that happens I may not be able to stop playing it long enough to write a review. If I do review something, I will probably host it here, because I'm pretty sure my co-authors and I no longer give much of a shit about aB. My console gaming capabilities are for the moment compromised because my Xbox is in another city, and also because I had a lapse in judgment and allowed 23 to use it, and it consequently committed suicide. I may repair or replace it, but to be honest I would probably just leave the new one home too, since there is already an Xbox on my hall.

That's really all I have for the moment, but at least I have something here now in case I come back in the future. I may just write more of these pointless time wasting posts later, or I may not. We'll see how things look once I make it through midterms.

Grammar challenge: Find the unnecessary comma! (Knowing my style of writing, there are probably more than I am aware of.)