Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Beginning of the End

For those who know me, glad you could make it. For those who don't, I'm called 20cc, and this is my domain. You can find more about me on anyButton, my main project. The link is on the right side of the page. It recently occurred to me that by starting a side project like this, I would have a little more freedom to talk about things that aren't related to my area of work on aB. I considered referencing it in my title, (20cc of aBnormality. Haha.) but then I realized that that would be stupid.

Abnormality is pretty much here for me to rant about things that don't deserve the space on aB, like games that are no longer new, old movies that I just got around to seeing, and my mood in general. You might then ask, "If you don't think this is worth the space on the other site, why would I want to read it here?" Because I'm funny, of course. Also, the public loves a pretty face, which is of course why I put the skull up on the side of the page.

I should have some cute time waster up here in the near future. I will of course be continuing my duties at aB, when someone releases a game that's worth my time. On another note, I may as well mention my associate 23's private blog, with it's very aB-like title.

Until next time.

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